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Before I came in contact with Vaishnavi, I was overwhelmed by so much emotional pain which affected my mental, emotional, spiritual and the marital aspects of my life. I thought I was losing myself, it became difficult to function.
My friend recommended Vaishnavi and I had a total of 3 sessions with her over the internet, as I am in Philippines.
And what I felt during our first session was amazing! I never believed that I could have ever become so brave! For the first time, I was able to set healthy personal boundaries with the people who caused me so much pain. I learned how to let go of what was preventing me to function day to day, much of it due to past trauma.
I never realized how, just by removing the unwanted stuff in the body would make such a lasting difference. And after it was gone, I could tangibly feel the presence of God within my heart and felt His protection.
In the second session, I was able to release all my worries. The following week, I was able to make decisions without difficulty. And in the last session, I found myself accepting the truth and I was able to find and become grounded in my inner strength. Deep within I can feel the happiness of being able to see the light and understand the real purpose of my life.
I can now stand knowing that God is there to protect me, to love and guide me along my life’s journey.
Vaishnavi assisted and guided me through this difficult time, come through the other side with clarity of purpose. I am forever grateful, such a blessing.

Sarva Lakshmi, Philippines

What Our Clients Are Saying

Many clients who have  had previous experiences with different modalities of  healing, ranging from psychotherapy, to counseling, to alternative methods…….. after as little as a single session with Vaishnavi many have found a solid base to a continued and profound healing journey.