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Energetic Healing

Trust your inner-guidance and free yourself from any emotional or psychological blockages while simultaneously becoming more grounded, balanced and divinely inspired.

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Energetic Healing

Trust you inner-guidance and free yourself from any emotional or psychological blockages while simultaneously becoming more grounded, balanced and divinely inspired.

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Vaishnavi provides energetic healing solutions that are gentle deep, and highly effective. Regardless of the client’s present situation, the effects are dramatic, lasting and the solutions are easy and satisfying

What is the energy field and how it affects us?

The energy field or aura (also called, “Wei Qi” in Oriental Medicine) surrounds the human body and is part of our body’s natural immune defense system.

When one is healthy, one’s energy field will be strong, bright, and clear. Whether we are aware of it or not, we maintain our health by maintaining the balance and rhythm in our daily activities (work, play, exercise, family, meditation/breathwork/prayer/reflection), diet, emotional expression and experience, attitude and thoughts, etc…

A healthy person feels fundamentally vital, joyful, self-confident, and resilient– even amidst life’s challenges. In the modern world, daily stress, unbalancing lifestyle choices (recreational drugs, binge-drinking, eating fast foods, exposure to violence and/or pornography on the media, etc), environmental factors such as chemicals in the water and difficult people one cannot escape for various reasons, lack of sleep, trauma, illness, negative self-talk and/or negative thought patterns (habitual or compulsive thoughts that are negative about life, others, and/or the self) can have a deteriorating effect on the energy field. Energetic healing rebalances the field*, giving the organism an opportunity to naturally reboot.

Healing sessions for individuals

Benefits of energy healing or auric cleansing:

  • Liberation from negative thought patterns
  • Relaxed (natural) state of mind
  • *Has been known to reduce or eliminate physical pain and/or other symptoms of discomfort*

My work consists of assisting the clients in discovering the cause of their issues:

  • By entering their energy field (Aura).
  • Sensing and becoming aware of the blocked energies.
  • Guiding the client in understanding the nature of these energies, learn their lessons and release them completely out of the physical and energetic bodies.


The client’s work consists of:

  • Being dedicated to taking charge of their own healing process
  • Finding the courage to face their past inner-traumas and/or self-limiting beliefs locked into the physical and/or subtle body or energy field.
  • Becoming a witness or explorer, understanding that the issue is separate from them and is now in an energetic form, thus is no longer a physical reality.
  • Realizing and accepting that it is within their power to release or change it immediately at will! Hence no longer remaining the victim of their past or negative feelings or thoughts.

Healing for couples and families 

Included but not limited to:

  • Initial assessment
  • Establishing complete ownership and responsibility of our own individual feelings and reactions vs. assigning blame on other family members
  • Identification of relationship triggers
  • Releasing of unrealistic expectations of your partner and/or children from your energetic and physical bodies
  • Discovering any past experiences contributing to each members’ dysfunctional patterns in the relationship
  • Healing and reintegration of one’s wounded inner children if needed

The energy field is the template of one’s life.

Healing removes the obstacles to wellness, allowing the organism to restore its natural balance.