What Our Clients Are Saying

Many clients who have had previous experiences with different modalities of  healing, ranging from psychotherapy, to counseling, to alternative methods…….. after as little as a single session with Vaishnavi many have found a solid base to a continued and profound healing journey.

The two sessions that I had over the phone with Vaisnavi have been so helpful to me. As I was relaxing into the calm guidance of her voice, my stress level was going down. I was able to see deeper the reasons for my worries and greatly release the negative thinking patterns. It was a tremendous help. With deep gratitude.” 

Kandarpa Sundari, Canada

Every experience I have under the guidance of Vaishnavi feels like a weight is lifted from my shoulders and my heart ❤.” 

Leah Shearer, Florida

“I had a wonderful healing experience with Vaishnavi over the phone. We addressed and released some old stagnant negative emotions from my childhood, which were starting to cause escalating physical issues. During the session, I felt a surge of warmth and energy flow, and my bodily condition improved noticeably. It has had a lasting effect, a year later.” 

Ines Naradic, Slovenia

Heart Healing with Vaishnavi was a profound, transformational experience for me. She naturally and gracefully guides you on a journey into healing your own heart by peeling away the layers of the psyche and helping you to feel and work through issues you may have suppressed long ago and to release those experiences from affecting you any longer. The results were amazing. I have been to many energy healers but none have facilitated an experience like this one. It is truly powerful and worthwhile.” 

Krsna Jivanai, Florida

Before I came in contact with Vaishnavi, I was overwhelmed by so much emotional pain which affected my mental, emotional, spiritual and the marital aspects of my life.

I thought I was losing myself, it became difficult to function.
My friend recommended Vaishnavi and I had a total of 3 sessions with her over the internet, as I am in Philippines.

And what I felt during our first session was amazing! I never believed that I could have ever become so brave! For the first time, I was able to set healthy personal boundaries with the people who caused me so much pain. I learned how to let go of what was preventing me to function day to day, much of it due to past trauma.

I never realized how, just by removing the unwanted stuff in the body would make such a lasting difference. And after it was gone, I could tangibly feel the presence of God within my heart and felt His protection.

In the second session, I was able to release all my worries. The following week, I was able to make decisions without difficulty. And in the last session, I found myself accepting the truth and I was able to find and become grounded in my inner strength. Deep within I can feel the happiness of being able to see the light and understand the real purpose of my life.

I can now stand knowing that God is there to protect me, to love and guide me along my life’s journey.

Vaishnavi assisted and guided me through this difficult time, come through the other side with clarity of purpose. I am forever grateful, such a blessing.” 

Sarva Laxshmi, Philippines

My daughter is 9 years old and has a condition called Angelman Syndrome which causes lots of issues including speech impairment. Vaishnavi worked with her and I was so amazed to see how calm my daughter was and how relaxed and confident she feels around her. She usually gets anxious around people she doesn’t know and Vaishnavi energy healing transformed her into a calm and more centered child. Vaishnavi work is truly amazing and it worked very well for my daughter.” 

Ana Brito, Florida

“Marie is absolutely crème-de-la-crème when it comes to having an open, loving heart and gentle  sensitivity to others. The healing session was more powerful than I could have imagined.  Over the phone, and across the ocean, she guided me compassionately and skillfully through awareness and clearing of my energy.  I felt SO much better afterwards, as if I’d been RELEASED and let free. It’s had a lasting impact too. One of the most extraordinary healing and life-shifting experiences I’ve ever had. So SAFE  feeling too. She’s truly the BEST.”


Padmalaya (Ohio)

“I was deeply impressed by Vaisnavi’s compassionate empathy and dependence on God as a humble servant. With Vaisnavi’s devotional heart’s clear guidance, I got access to my inner deepest trauma from my childhood “abandoned” “helpless”experience in no time. I was taken away and adopted by my uncle and aunt at the age of five. The overwhelmed distress had never been properly expressed, released, dealt with and pacified until then. Thus my accumulated negative emotion had dwelled in my heart like a demon. The sequence of issues in my dramatic and eventful life were all resulted from the hurt caused in my childhood.With her expert guidance, my numb lost childhood memory was awakened. During the healing session, I acknowledged my misunderstanding and released the negative feelings in my heart. I was even able to heal and pacify my 5-year old inner child.” 
Allen (Taiwan)

“I’ve just had an amazing session with Vaisnavi, I feel lighter, more aware of my true self. I feel a sense of freedom which is truly incredible. Vaisnavi is a very gifted lady, a true healer.” Thank you, 
Marie (Ireland)

“How light I now feel after spending an hour with Vaisnavi. Not entirely sure why I was disturbed, I just wasn’t feeling like myself and feeling down for no reason. I cried quite a lot however, after the session, I now feel amazing, refreshed and more positive. I am very grateful. Many thanks and kind wishes.”  
Fiona (Ireland)

“I was pregnant when I had a healing session with Vaisnavi, before that I had multiple miscarriages which never passed 2 months. I felt energetic shifts during my session and I can’t believe it, I am now 19 weeks, I have never got so far!!! Thank you, I believe you shifted things there for me and it kept my baby in!” 
Ciara (Ireland)

“Vaisnavi is an extraordinarily gifted, compassionate healer. Her work is transformative, loving and profound. Every healing provides deeper clarity, balance and growth. Her work has helped me live a more authentic, conscious, joyous life. ” 
Maacha (Florida)

When I first came in contact with Vaishnavi, I had lost all will to live, no one else knew how to help me or give me a reason to go on. Now, a year later, I can honestly say that she helped me awaken a new and fresh inner perspective or outlook on life.

She gave me empowering tools to realize my self-worth, to find my purpose and to trust my inner-guidanceVaishnavi is much more than a healer, as a person, she demonstrated so much care, compassion and love for me as a friend, though we never physically met.

Her skills and knowledge of the authentic self was so needed for me to turn my life around and give life another chance. I still have ups and downs but I now have her help to release the core issues creating these blockages and bring me back to center quicker.

Dharma Smolić (Croatia)