Clarity of Purpose

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12 – weeks program

Weekly energetic life coaching sessions

Starting at $404.66 / month for 3 months

A powerful transformational 12 weeks program of weekly energetic life coaching sessions

  • Identifying self-sabotaging fears and their root
  • Clearing those fears
  • Identifying self-limiting beliefs and their origins
  • Releasing those beliefs
  • Developing the habit of being an observer of your internal world
  • Developing the habit of using your higher intelligence to assess and question your “mind’s proposals”
  • Developing self-control in order to make the choices which are in your highest self-interest
  • Gaining clarity on your unique contribution
  • Goal setting aligned with your true purpose
  • Creating concrete plans to manifest these goals

The Clarity of Purpose package is for those who want to clear away all self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging mindsets, who are willing to break away from basing any decisions simply on the judgments, opinions and expectations of others.

It is for those desiring to act in a heart centered way, live in integrity with their higher-self, gain self-control and persevere on their path toward their goal, unaffected by externals. 

This is a 12 weeks program of weekly one hour energetic life coaching sessions. When first payment is made your place is guaranteed in one of our private consultation rooms. There are no refunds available unless prior agreement is made.

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